Saturday, November 20, 2010


In case you have missed what is the energy behind the “Law of Attraction”, it is the Love energy. The energy of Love is the universal glue that binds together things that have an affinity to each other. Healthy thoughts attract healthy living, etc.
Anything in its positive state is equivalent to Love energy. However, anything in its negative state is equivalent to Fear energy. It is the same energy only in reverse.
The Law of dis-Attraction deals with the energy of Fear.  The emotion Fear causes a disassociation with those things that we desire or want most in our daily living. When we allow fear to creep in our consciousness we are basically pushing away the very thing we desire or need.
As an example if a person is fearful of catching a cold, chances are that he will most likely catch one. Most people would normally want to remain healthy but if fear of catching a cold is stronger than the love to remain healthy he will most likely attract a cold. There are numerous studies showing the connection between mind/belief and body/health.
Besides eating a balanced wholesome diet, another key element in keeping  healthy is by practicing with the energy of Love. If you Love health and focus on health you will most likely attract that in your life. Notice I did not say if you Love health and dislike disease. In other words you must keep your thought and language positive. Please don’t think a positive thought and then follow it with a negative. Keep only to the positive. A simple analogy is that Light and darkness cannot co-exist simultaneously.  Darkness can only occur if the Light is turn off. Therefore, darkness does not exist in the presence of Light. Similarly disease does not exist in the presence of health.
Keep your thoughts on health, eat healthy, listen to positive and healthy news, exercise in a healthy manner and surround yourself with positive and loving friends. These simple suggestions may make a huge difference in your total health of body, mind and spirit.
There is no substitute to the old saying, “Practice makes perfect”.
Go ahead, practice because your health is important.

By: Francesco, Master Herbalist

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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