Friday, April 23, 2010

Dis-ease and Resentment

Any dis-ease almost always indicates something that occurred in the past. The emotion "resentment" almost always is involved with dis-ease at some level or degree. Resentment is something that many individuals carry with them causing negative bodily chemical changes to flood every cell of the body.
If this condition is allowed to continue for any length of time these negative chemicals begin to downgrade one's vitality and the ability to keep his or her defenses strong. In most cases the human body is quite resilient and will bounce back to health given the chance. However, a good practice is to check on "resentment" from time to time.
Frequently ask yourself who have I resented or what is my resentment?
Once you have identified the answer, bring back into your mind the event that led to your resentment and neutralize it with a good dose of self-forgiveness. You must be asking yourself at this time, "self-forgiveness?  Why do I need to forgive myself?
Well believe or not self-forgiveness is the key to neutralizing resentment. You see, you are the creator of your resentment and therefore it is effecting YOU negatively. So when you forgive yourself, you are forgiving that part of you for creating negatively. By the way when you have forgiven yourself you have also automatically forgiven the other. This allows for a more complete healing of any dis-ease.
Do this as often as necessary until you feel OK with it or until you feel at peace.

This article is philosophical in nature and is for informational purpose only, it is not meant to treat or diagnose disease.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clay Miracle

A special volcanic clay when ingested will absorb toxins, poisons, heavy metals, certain viruses, molds and fungus. It has been used to ameliorate gastritis, ulcers, food poisoning, over-acid stomach, diarrhea and many other dis-orders. This clay has a large surface area, so a small amount covers a larger area that can absorb hundreds of times its weight in toxins ans poisons. Clay has been used for thousands of years by indigenous people worldwide including wild animals with excellent results. Also this special clay is loaded with trace minerals in ionic form that has nutritional health benefits. This natural product is available in powder form as well as tablets.
Montmorillonite clay absorptive action is due to five characteristics: 1) it has a large and varied mineral content. 2) it has a negative electrical attraction for positively-charged particles. 3) its particles (shaped like calling cards), have surfaces that are negatively-polarized , which give it tremendous pulling power. 4) the fineness of the particles give a large surface area in proportion to the volume used, so it is able to pick up many times its own weight in positively-charged particles.
Desert regions where temperature is high and water scarce (leaching is therefore minor), provides an ideal environment in which the inherent qualities of a particular clay type may be preserved. These clays are richer in silica and alkaline earth minerals.
Clay is a rich source of electrical charges which can reduce inflammation and damage done to tissues due to free radicals generated internally in the body. These electrical charges are made more available and absorbable partly in response to gastric activity.
Clay is inert until water is mixed with it. When mixing be sure to mix in a non-reactive container such as clay or glass or wood. When activated or mixing do not work clay with any metal object such as a spoon or fork.
Some practitioners recommend that clay water should be experimented with slowly at first. Just mix one teaspoon of clay in one glass of water and let it settle. Drink only the water and not what has settled at the bottom.
When the organs of elimination have been stimulated and activated, their ability to remove toxic waste is improved. Then as clay works its effect on the body, toxins that are stirred up will be eliminated instead of recycled in the blood resulting in organ detoxification.
Clay taken before a meal may be constipating to some people, but taken first thing in the morning or last thing at night may regulate bowel movements. Internally, clay will reduce the fermentation process of harmful organisms. Clay is known to inactive and cause to be eliminated various microbes as well as parasites from the intestines and other organs of the body.

This article is philosophical in nature and is for informational purpose only, it is not meant to treat or diagnose disease.
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Joy and Happiness in Spite of it all

Often we are faced with daily challenges, and we believe they are the reason for our lack of Joy and Happiness.  But the truth is that we fail to "realize" our inner Joy and Happiness and therefore, we are faced with challenges.
Find and connect with Joy and Happiness that is within you first. You may have to look a little harder but its there. Then, any challenge that life may offer you will not be viewed as challenges but stepping stones to higher levels of fulfillment.
Enjoy your new found Joy and Happiness.

We Believe

1. We believe that our most precious possession is Life.
2. We believe we shall mobilize all the forces of Life against the forces of deterioration.
3. We believe mutual respect leads toward mutual cooperation; that mutual cooperation leads toward Peaceful interdependency; and that Peaceful interdependency is the only way of survival for mankind.
4. We believe that we shall preserve instead of waste our health and our natural resources, which secures a future for those that follow us.
5. We believe that we shall keep our air, water and soil clean which is the basic preconditions of a healthy life.
6. We believe that we shall preserve and conserve the vegetation of our planet and by replanting and reforesting.
7. We believe that we shall eat only fresh, natural, pure, whole foods, without chemicals and artificial processing.
8. We believe that we shall lead a simple, natural, creative life, in harmony and with wisdom so that others may become inspired to do the same. 
9. We believe that the improvement of living conditions for mankind on our planet must start with individual efforts first so that it may spread touching the lives of people everywhere.
10. We believe that Peace begins with each individual setting the example for someone else. One person at a time.
11. We believe in Life, Health, Harmony and the Pursuit of Happiness for all.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Joint Mobility Help

According to the mind / body connection theory, an explanation for arthritis is the inability to accept criticism. Stiffness reflects the emotional inflexibility to criticism. Criticism is a natural part of living and should be viewed in a positive light.

The supplement glucosamine sulfate works better with the consumption of protein. The anticoagulant properties suggest that glucosamine may also reduce strokes.

Garlic’s immune properties benefit joints by inhibiting bacteria that produce an enzyme that breaks down the glucosamine gelatin. The synovial fluid readily carries the minerals that Garlic contains including selenium into the articular regions. The harmful bacteria living there produce hyaluronidase enzyme that is the same enzyme that sperm produce to penetrate the egg for fertilization. However, in the articular regions, these bacteria embed themselves in the hydrated thin gel material and eventually break it apart. Overall, proper nutrition will reunite the gel material and inhibit the hyaluronidase-producing bacteria.

For best results supplementing with selenium 200 mcg/day along with glucosamine sulfate to disarm a harmful bacteria in the joints that causes this problem.

This article is philosophical in nature and is for informational purpose only, it is not meant to treat or diagnose disease.
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Music's Healing Power

Music weaves an intricate physiological dance with the body's neurons and blood cells and this dance is now being intensely studied by various researchers. Their findings are being applied in more and more hospitals. Music therapy has actually been used for thousands of years. Today, scientists are just beginning to understand how it works. It has already been shown that if certain slow pieces such as some of the works of Mozart are played, the listener's heart will adapt to the beat of the music.
Musical tones follow an intricate highway from the head to the rest of the body. The trip begins with sound waves traveling through the air and landing in the middle ear where they cause the eardrums and bones in the middle ear to vibrate. The brain transforms the mechanical energy into electrical energy and then sends the electrical impulse to the "thinking" part of the brain, the cerebral cortex which controls thought, perception and memory. The cerebral cortex then sends the impulses to the response centers of the brain that control emotion, arousal, anxiety, pleasure and creativity. Then there is yet another stop: the hypothalamus, a small area deep in the brain that controls heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, body temperature and the nerves in the stomach and skin. The hypothalamus strives to maintain equilibrium throughout the body. Think about how certain songs will give you "butterflies" in your stomach or goose bumps on your arms. This entire trip through the brain happens in less than a heart beat, but the journey has just begun.
First, these electrical signals are converted to hormones in the brain. Researchers have found that along with the need for fewer sedatives and the need to normalize blood pressure and heart rates, critically ill patients showed a 50% spike in growth hormone, produced in the pituitary gland, after listening to just one hour of Mozart piano sonatas. If patients or their families are unable to choose the music, a good choice is Mozart for the critically ill patients. The various hormones then leave the brain and flow throughout the body via the bloodstream where they calm or stimulate various systems.

Classical music is the most common choice among doctors and therapists. The vibration of stringed instruments in particular is thought to intertwine with the energy of the heart, small intestine, and the thyroid and adrenal glands as shown by research done at Cardiovascular Institute in New Jersey.

Listening to joyful music as part of an overall prescription for maintaining good heart health,
is defined as any music that brings on a natural high and maximizes the release of endorphins; the body's own feel good chemicals. Research has shown that hearing your favorite song causes your blood vessels to dilate, hence increasing blood flow. Healthy volunteers while listening to songs of their choice, researchers  discovered that the diameter of upper arm blood vessels increased by 26%. After listening to music which they hated however, these vessels narrowed by 6%. Research currently supports that any music the patient finds enjoyable will be healing regardless of genre.
We know music can calm, influence creativity and can energize. Music's role in recovering from disease is being ever more appreciated.

Harp music is so unique that it is the only instrument that has 20 to 50 strings and is completely open, unlike other stringed instruments such as a violin or guitar. When a harpist strikes a chord, not only are the notes of the chord vibrating, but the strings above and below those plucked also vibrate. These vibrations appear to be absorbed by the body.

This article is philosophical in nature and is for informational purpose only, it is not meant to treat or diagnose disease.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Essential Fatty Acid DHA

DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that is found in coldwater fish lipids and can also be extracted from microalgae. It is considered one of the primary building blocks of the retina and of the brain. It is the most plentiful fatty acid found in human breast milk and serves to ensure the proper function of nerve cell membranes.
DHA aids in memory disorders, senile dementia, vision problems, nerve disease, brain dysfunction and mental conditions.
Always seek higher brands names for purity. Look for "molecularly distilled process". This method provides for a cleaner product with much reduced levels of toxic materials that may normally be present in raw fish oils.

This article is philosophical in nature and is for informational purpose only, it is not meant to treat or diagnose disease.
All content posted on this site is commentary or opinion and is protected under Free Speech.