Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flu Shots, Should I ?

We all know what flu shots are supposed to do, right?
Well there are increasing reports from people getting the flu shot to prevent the flu but instead end up getting the flu. What?
It's correct, it happened to a very close relative of mine as well as other folks I personally know.
The problem is that the vaccine is only good for a specific micro organism when the vaccine is manufactured, however what is usually not generally known by individuals is that micro organisms have a habit of mutating to other forms and thereby making the original vaccine usually ineffective.
What are the odds that this happens I cannot say, but it happens more often than not.
Use your judgement and common sense and be sure to discuss this point with your health care physician.
There are herbs and nutrition to help bolster one's natural immune system. Drop me a line, come in our store or call me to discuss safe ways to bolster your immune system.
Regardless if you choose to vaccinate or not I personally encourage the young and the old to bolster and fortify your immune function before the flu season goes into full force.
Keep well and healthy.

by: Francesco, Master Herbalist

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