Thursday, April 15, 2010

Joint Mobility Help

According to the mind / body connection theory, an explanation for arthritis is the inability to accept criticism. Stiffness reflects the emotional inflexibility to criticism. Criticism is a natural part of living and should be viewed in a positive light.

The supplement glucosamine sulfate works better with the consumption of protein. The anticoagulant properties suggest that glucosamine may also reduce strokes.

Garlic’s immune properties benefit joints by inhibiting bacteria that produce an enzyme that breaks down the glucosamine gelatin. The synovial fluid readily carries the minerals that Garlic contains including selenium into the articular regions. The harmful bacteria living there produce hyaluronidase enzyme that is the same enzyme that sperm produce to penetrate the egg for fertilization. However, in the articular regions, these bacteria embed themselves in the hydrated thin gel material and eventually break it apart. Overall, proper nutrition will reunite the gel material and inhibit the hyaluronidase-producing bacteria.

For best results supplementing with selenium 200 mcg/day along with glucosamine sulfate to disarm a harmful bacteria in the joints that causes this problem.

This article is philosophical in nature and is for informational purpose only, it is not meant to treat or diagnose disease.
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