Friday, April 23, 2010

Dis-ease and Resentment

Any dis-ease almost always indicates something that occurred in the past. The emotion "resentment" almost always is involved with dis-ease at some level or degree. Resentment is something that many individuals carry with them causing negative bodily chemical changes to flood every cell of the body.
If this condition is allowed to continue for any length of time these negative chemicals begin to downgrade one's vitality and the ability to keep his or her defenses strong. In most cases the human body is quite resilient and will bounce back to health given the chance. However, a good practice is to check on "resentment" from time to time.
Frequently ask yourself who have I resented or what is my resentment?
Once you have identified the answer, bring back into your mind the event that led to your resentment and neutralize it with a good dose of self-forgiveness. You must be asking yourself at this time, "self-forgiveness?  Why do I need to forgive myself?
Well believe or not self-forgiveness is the key to neutralizing resentment. You see, you are the creator of your resentment and therefore it is effecting YOU negatively. So when you forgive yourself, you are forgiving that part of you for creating negatively. By the way when you have forgiven yourself you have also automatically forgiven the other. This allows for a more complete healing of any dis-ease.
Do this as often as necessary until you feel OK with it or until you feel at peace.

This article is philosophical in nature and is for informational purpose only, it is not meant to treat or diagnose disease.
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