Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Key to Great Health

As we age gracefully we do not take well to negative or unhappy thoughts. One should focus on the positive and joyful things of life.  Remember, what we focus on tends to expand. Make it a habit to recall exciting and happy past events. Above all, laughter is really the best medicine in some cases.
For a variety of reasons as we become older, digestion becomes more sluggish, and hence, our inability to absorb nutrients. This increases problems such as gum disease, ulcers, gas, constipation, and other digestive disturbances. Peak digestion and nutritional absorption was most easily accomplished in our youth due to an abundant secretion of digestive enzymes.
During the early days of the American Zoo where wild animals were held in artificial environments and they were fed left over food from kitchens and the like, animals got sick and many of them died. This was costing a lot of money for the zoological society. Scientists were sought out to study the situation to see why those wild animals were getting sick and dying. After many scientist tried and failed to discover the cause, one brilliant scientist by the name of Dr. Howell discovered the reason behind the dilemma. 
Dr. Howell reasoned, wild animals that live in the wild eat raw wild uncooked food. They do not eat cooked or prepared food. Bingo, this was the beginning of correctly understanding the cause as to why wild animals were getting sick and dying.
So the zoological society implemented a new rule, namely that all wild animals kept in captivity were to be given only raw uncooked food in its most natural state with little to no processing.
This approach worked favorably for the wild animals. They became healthier and began to live out their normal life span. It saved the zoological society a lot of money.
So what is the lesson for humanity. Even though we are not wild animals, we do share similar biological structure and function. Specifically, if the food we consume is adulterated by over processing, cooked to death, full of chemicals and preservatives we eventually will deplete our natural digestive enzymes and this is the beginning of the individual’s demise.
Whenever possible choose food that is least processed. As an example instead of eating corn from a can eat fresh corn, instead of canned peas eat fresh peas, instead of white refined flour products eat whole wheat products, etc. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables grown within its normal local season.
Some vegetables should be eaten raw and uncooked while others would do better by steaming them.
Finally, if you need additional support with proper digestion, supplement your diet with a full range digestive enzymes such as Digest All 100% plant based enzymes. These enzymes have a broad spectrum capacity to help digest a variety of foods. This approach has worked wonders for many clients. With digestion improved, vital nutrients are easily absorbed into the blood stream for tissue repair, renewal and maintenance.

This information is provided for educational purpose only and is commentary. It is not meant to diagnose or treat disease.

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